Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bill Miller Matchplay Trophy

The Bill Miller Matchplay Trophy is now under way, for those of you who are new to match play its a one vs one game played on a hole by hole basis. If you score a 5 on the first and your opponent scores a 6 you win that hole and go 1 hole up with only 8 left to play, the person in the lead after 9 holes wins the match and goes through. Handicaps do count in this competition. If the match is level after 9 then sudden death is played and the first person to win a hole wins the match.
The Men's and Ladies draw sheets are attached, you can play your match on a non medal or stableford week or arrange it during your time, please email me for the email address of your opponent. If the match remains unplayed by the due date then I will flip a coin to see who progresses unless either player is willing to drop out due to holidays etc.
Its a fun event, our only singles matchplay and a great way to experience a new style of golf as well as meeting some new poeple.

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