Friday, May 13, 2011

Football: Presentation night fun for Salvation Army

By John Ellitson
This is the occasion when both teams gather at sponsors, The Authentic Oriental Food Restaurant and eat drink and listen to speeches before the awards are given.
It was a bit like a football match with the first team v the reserves in competition.
Who could sit at the table where the food would be served first? The reserves lost this due to bad decisions by Baker and Wings (For those who are reading this in remote parts of the world or north of Watford, you are right they are the ones with the dodgy knees) but they made it to the table first.(Wrong table)
Next competition which team could eat the most duck? Did you hear about the couple who go to a Chinese restaurant and order chop suey. The waiter brings out a pot with a lid but the couple don’t get around to eating, because every so often the lid lifts up a tiny bit and a tiny pair of eyes peer out at the couple. Finally, the stunned man calls the waiter over, points out the weird situation, and says, "No matter what, we're not going to eat that. Are you sure that's chop suey?"
"Oh I'm sorry sir," the waiter replies, "That's my mistake - I've brought you Peking duck." Read it again Mrs. Rossiter and you will get it.
Duck was brought, battle commenced, and the first teamers gave it a real go with duck disappearing like Rottweiler Jamie’s shots on goal FAST, but unlike Jamie they were on target. Wings put the reserves ahead when he was heard shouting ‘more, more,’ More duck arrived on every table.
I was privileged to sit with the beautiful ladies belonging to Sam and Danny, the guys who have managed the first team this year. Lady Sam and Lady Dan were our champions whose motivation was in the saying ‘Your strength lies in your continued belief that what you just ate was indeed duck’ they believed it and finished our duck, Wings an all (pun).
The final competition was the speeches of the managers, both spoke well but the reserve manager Paul Salmon won this because he mentioned ME.
Scores 1st team 1, Reserves 1 Ladies on my table 1
When the Chairman Mark Cross stood up with Secretary Adrian Moye and Paul Salmon someone told me they were out for a walk. And Cross says, "Windy, isn't it?" Moye says, "No, it's Thursday!" Salmon says, "So am I. Let's go get milk shake." If that was true what hope does the club have?

Thankfully we have a great committee and hard working club officials whose hearts are in the Salvation Army Football Club.
There is a saying - If at first you don’t succeed, parachuting is not for you, well thankfully we are not in the parachuting business but FOOTBALL. We didn’t succeed well this season this season but with the great set of lads at this club and the background support we will rise up and fly with Wings (he gets everywhere) aim him high (back to Jamie’s shooting) PROMOTION.

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