Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Golf: Centre appeals for course help

Stowmarket Golf Centre pro Duncan Burl is seeking help in improving things at the nine-hole course after a lack of rain has caused problems.
He said: "There is no escaping the course is in pretty sorry state at the moment. Ten weeks of dry weather has been great for the sun tan but no good for the course.
"We are caught in a trap at the moment, the daisy man is booked in to come after the next decent rain but the fairways can't be cut for three-four days before he arrives.
"So added to drought we now have long grass, daisies, dandelions and rock hard bouncy greens - not much use to anyone."
Burl insists something needs to be done urgently to improve matters and said he was looking into grants and funding to allow the couree to have an irrigation system fitted.
"I am also going to chase local businesses for sponsorship to see if we can get some money in to get the ball rolling, or stop the ball rolling!" he added.
Burl has quotes from last year suggesting the cost would be about £10,000-£12,000 to dig a bore hole and lay the infrastructure to maintain the golf course for the long term.
"Once the capital work is done, the on-going cost of electricity to power the pump and maintenance will be absorbed by the increase in business."
Anyone willing to give up some time to help Burl is urged to make contact -
"I am looking for people with a knowledge of grants and funding and people with sales experience to help promote the golf centre," he said.
"I fully understand if golf is your leisure time and this sounds like work.
"I will get it done eventually but if you would like to help, the tea and biscuits are free!"

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