Monday, January 17, 2011

Swimming: Just champion! Awards galore at Stowmarket SC presentations

EADT Trophy winners
Ella Delves and Robert Borett.
Champion performances earned glory for Ella Delves (15) and Robert Borett (11) at the Stowmarket Swimming Club annual presentations.
The pair won the EADT Trophies for top girl and top boy in the club championships with points tallies of 96 and 90 respectively.
Swimmers, volunteers and parents celebrated their successes achieved over the last 12 months at Needham Market Leisure Centre with Cllr Debbie Ball, Deputy Mayor of Stowmarket Town Council, and National Championships swimmer David Harrison presenting nearly 90 trophies.
Club coaches Shaun and Sylvia Harrison presented the Coaches' Girl and Boy swimmer of the year awards to Chloe Long (11) and David Harrison.
They remarked on Chloe's enthusiastic approach to training and her success ats the club championships, picking up 15 gold medals, and numerous qualifying times for the County Championships.
David was the third fastest Englishman at the National Championships, just missing out on qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in the 50m breaststroke. 
Training continues for all swimmers with high hopes for success in the Suffolk County Championships in March, where more than 40 swimmers will be competing at Crown Pools. The team will also be competing in winter and summer league fixtures.

Awards (CR = Championship Record)
Beginners race – Girls 25m: Olivia Whyte (Hart Cup)
Under 6 – Boys 25m Backstroke: Matthew Debenham 37.16; 25m Freestyle: Matthew Debenham 27.00 (Clarke Trophy); 25m Butterfly: Matthew Debenham 44.34.
Girls 25m Backstroke: Ishtar Loft 34.79; 25m Freestyle: Ishta Loft 36.19 (Hart Shield).
7/8 Years – Boys 50m Butterfly: Manfred Battle 54.25 (CR); 50m Backstroke: Manfred Battle 53.99; 50m Breaststroke: Logan Pyle 1.05.07; 50m Freestyle: Logan Pyle 46.94 (Soanes Cup); 200m Freestyle: Manfred Battle 3.44.98; 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Manfred Battle 1.56.93.
Girls 50m Butterfly: Bethany Skoulding 49.09 (CR); 50m Backstroke: Lija Radziunaite 47.86; 50m Breaststroke: Bethany Skoulding 59.19; 50m Freestyle: Bethany Skoulding 40.25 (CR); 200m Freestyle: Bethany Skoulding 3.17.14 (CR); 200m Backstroke: Bethany Skoulding 3.38.00 (CR); 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Bethany Skoulding 1.44.27 (CR).
9 Years – Boys 50m Butterfly: William Debenham 49.93 (Butcher Cup); 50m Backstroke: Nicholas Borrett 46.65; 200m Backstroke: Nicholas Borrett 3.32.03; 200m Breaststroke: Nicholas Borrett 4.01.58; 50m Breaststroke: Nicholas Borrett 53.46 (Gold & Black cup); 400m Freestyle: Nicholas Borrett 6.52.09; 200m Freestyle: Nicholas Borrett 3.14.84; 50m Freestyle: Nicholas Borrett 39.74; 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Nicholas Borrett 1.43.68; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Nicholas Borrett  3.38.58.
Girls 50m Butterfly: Jodie Mitson 50.76 (CR) (Butcher Cup); 200m Backstroke: Amy Davies 3.30.41; 50m Backstroke: Amy Davies 47.75 (Gold & Black Cup); 200m Breaststroke: Hannah Harrison 3.55.81; 50m Breaststroke: Hannah Harrison 50.70 (CR) (Tricker Cup); 200m Breaststroke: Hannah Harrison 3.55.81; 400m Freestyle: Amy Davies 6.56.21; 200m Freestyle: Amy Davies 3.24.08; 50m Freestyle: Jodie Mitson 40.52 (Wright Cup) ; 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Amy Davies 1.43.35; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Amy Davies 3.41.68.
10/11 Years – Boys 200m Butterfly: Robert Borrett 3.31.48; 100m Butterfly: Robert Borrett 1.36.84; 50m Butterfly: Robert Borrett 39.03 (Boast Cup); 200m Backstroke: Robert Borrett 2.58.53; 100m Backstroke: Robert Borrett 1.26.49; 50m Backstroke: Robert Borrett 39.87 (Stevenson Cup); 200m Breaststroke: Robert Borrett 3.31.46; 100m Breaststroke: Robert Borrett 1.37.26; 50m Breaststroke: Robert Borrett 45.42 (Gotts Cup); 400m Freestyle: Robert Borrett 6.00.91; 200m Freestyle: Robert Borrett 2.47.27 (Lynch Family Shield); 100m Freestyle: Robert Borrett 1.16.41; 50m Freestyle: Alexander Harrison 34.37 (Gold & Black Cup); 4 x 100m Individual Medley: Robert Borrett 6.32.36; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Robert Borrett 3.03.14; 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Robert Borrett 1.27.67 (J Mann Cup).
Girls 100m Butterfly: Chloe Long 1.38.42; 50m Butterfly: Chloe Long 40.35; 200m Backstroke: Chloe Long 2.54.91; 100m Backstroke: Chloe Long 1.24.57; 50m Backstroke: Chloe Long 39.80 (Hanlon Cup); 200m Breaststroke: Chloe Long 3.34.53; 100m Breaststroke: Chloe Long 1.41.81 (Hastings Cup); 50m Breaststroke: Chloe Long 45.91 (Haggar Goblet); 400m Freestyle: Chloe Long 5.40.72; 200m Freestyle: Chloe Long 2.39.25; 100m Freestyle: Chloe Long 1.15.92; 50m Freestyle: Chloe Long 34.37; 4 x 100m Individual Medley: Chloe Long 6.40.19; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Chloe Long 3.04.28; 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Chloe Long 1.25.40 (CR) (Barbara Woodward Cup).
12/13 Years – Boys 200m Butterfly: Liam Kerry 2.47.54; 100m Butterfly: Mikey Fisher 1.16.05 (Tydeman Cup); 50m Butterfly: Mikey Fisher 32.71; 200m Backstroke: Liam Kerry 2.36.13; 100m Backstroke: Liam Kerry 1.13.82 (Beaver Cup); 50m Backstroke: Liam Kerry 33.84; 200m Breaststroke: Robert Lancaster 2.54.38; 100m Breaststroke: Robert Lancaster 1.20.09 (Beaver Cup); 50m Breaststroke: Robert Lancaster 36.15 (CR); 400m Freestyle: Robert Lancaster 4.55.41; 200m Freestyle: Liam Kerry 2.18.82; 100m Freestyle: Mikey Fisher 1.02.92 (Simpson Cup); 50m Freestyle: Mikey Fisher 28.90 (CR); 4 x 100m Individual Medley: Robert Lancaster 5.42.17; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Robert Lancaster 2.39.82 (Algar Millennium Shield); 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Robert Lancaster 1.12.33 (Hammond Shield).
Girls 200m Butterfly: Eilisch Hopkins 3.07.33; 100m Butterfly: Ellena Skoulding 1.25.74 (Tydeman Trophy); 50m Butterfly: Eilisch Hopkins 36.84; 200m Backstroke: Ellena Skoulding 2.42.10 (CR); 100m Backstroke: Ellena Skoulding 1.16.00 (CR) (Patton Cup); 50m Backstroke: Ellena Skoulding 34.91 (CR); 200m Breaststroke: Ellena Skoulding 3.14.92; 100m Breaststroke Ellena Skoulding 1.32.51 (Booton Shield); 50m Breaststroke: Ellena Skoulding 42.24; 400m Freestyle: Ellena Skoulding 5.16.2; 200m Freestyle: Ellena Skoulding 2.32.27; 100m Freestyle: Ellena Skoulding 1.09.55 (CR) (Harris Cup); 50m Freestyle: Ellena Skoulding 31.31 (CR); 4 x 100m, Individual Medley: Ellena Skoulding 6.01.72; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Ellena Skoulding 2.53.77; 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Ellena Skoulding 1.19.33 (Riley Cup).
14/15 Years – Boys 200m Butterfly: Toby Upson 2.32.71; 100m Butterfly: Toby Upson 1.07.70 (Flinter Cup); 50m Butterfly: Toby Upson 30.16; 200m Backstroke: Matt Reynolds 2.361.28; 100m Backstroke: Ryan Clay 1.12.15 (Thurlow Cup); 50m Backstroke: Ryan Clay 33.05; 200m Breaststroke: Ryan Clay 2.40.41; 100m Breaststroke: Ryan Clay 1.14.89 (Woodroffe Cup); 50m Breaststroke: Ryan Clay 35.73; 400m Freestyle: Toby Upson 4.31.12; 200m Freestyle: Toby Upson 2.10.35; 100m Freestyle: Toby Upson 59.63 (Owen Cup); 50m Freestyle: Toby Upson 27.52; 4 x 100m Individual Medley: Ryan Clay 5.10.83; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Ryan Clay 2.28.24 (Town Council Cup); 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Ryan Clay 1.07.81 (Page Cup). 
Girls 200m Butterfly: Ella Delves 2.47.42 (CR); 100m Butterfly: Ella Delves 1.16.92 (Stevenson Cup); 50m Butterfly: Ella delves 32.80 (CR); 200m Backstroke: Ella Delves 2.44.31; 100m Backstroke: Ella Delves 1.16.00 (Tydeman Cup); 50m Backstroke: Ella Delves 35.42; 200m Breaststroke: Ella Delves 2.58.38 (CR); 100m Breaststroke: Ella Delves 1.22.46 (CR) (Ron Pattle Trophy); 50m Breaststroke: Ella Delves 39.05 (Marie Constance Shield); 400m Freestyle: Ella Delves 5.08.00; 200m Freestyle: Ella Delves 2.26.73; 100m Freestyle: Ella Delves 1.07.18 (Pluck Cup); 50m Freestyle: Ella Delves 30.90; 4 x 100m Individual Medley: Ella Delves 5.41.17 (George Sutherland Memorial Cup); 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Ella Delves 2.40.64 ((CR) (Town Council Cup); 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Ella Delves 1.136.64 (Reed Cup).
Over 16 Years – Men's 200m Butterfly: William Blackaby 2.19.75; 100m Butterfly: William Blackaby 1.00.85 (Sherwood Shield); 50m Butterfly: David Harrison 26.62 (CR) (Dickenson Cup); 200m Backstroke: William Blackaby 2.20.69 (Stanley Wright Cup); 100m Backstroke: William Blackaby 1.03.67 (Hammond Shield); 50m Backstroke: William Blackaby 29.09; 200m Breaststroke: David Harrison 2.31.93 (Malone Cup); 100m Breaststroke: David Harrison 1.07.88 (CR) (Freezer Trophy); 50m Breaststroke: David Harrison 30.09 (CR); 400m Freestyle: William Blackaby 4.24.19 (Wilson Trophy); 200m Freestyle: William Blackaby 2.05.16; 100m Freestyle: David Harrison 53.66 (CR) (Lister Cup); 50m Freestyle: David Harrison 24.15 (CR) (Barber Cup); 4 x 100m Individual Medley: William Blackaby 5.01.09 (Bleay Trophy); 4 x 50m Individual Medley: David Harrison 2.15.43 (CR) (Phoenix Cup); 4 x 25m Individual Medley: David Harrison 1.01.16 (CR) (Anchor Trophy). 
Ladies' 200m Butterfly: Tamsin Fisher 3.14.71 (Wilson Trophy); 100m Butterfly: Georgia Leader White 1.26.94; 50m Butterfly: Georgia Leader White 35.60 (Beryl Marshall Memorial Cup); 200m Backstroke: Tamsin Fisher 2.47.31 (Wilson Trophy); 100m Backstroke: Hannah Stockley 1.13.71 (Francis Cup); 50m Backstroke: Tamsin Fisher 38.05 (Partridge Cup); 200m Breaststroke: Hannah Stockley 3.01.11 (Hopkyns Trophy); 100m Breaststroke: Georgia Leader White 1.40.01 (Paton Shield); 50m Breaststroke: Georgia Leader White 42.99 (James Cup); 400m Freestyle: Iona Richards 5.06.97 (Woodward Trophy); 200m Freestyle: Tamsin Fisher 2.31.16 (Faxbase Flask); 100m Freestyle: Tamsin Fisher 1.09.55 (Thurlow Cup); 50m Freestyle: Georgia Leader White 32.16 (Glenn Cup); 4 x 100m Individual Medley: Hannah Stockley 5.54.24; 4 x 50m Individual Medley: Tamsin Fisher 2.56.25 (Cattermole Cup); 4 x 25m Individual Medley: Iona Richards 1.19.56 (Anchor Cup).
Thursday night swimmers – Clark Special trophy presented to Debbie King.
Thursday night races – 25m Backstroke 25m backstroke boys: George, girls Bethany; 25m Freestyle boys George, girls 1 Bethany, 2 Freddie, 3 Georgia; Plunge ladies  Louise Christopher 12.75m  (Stevenson Trophy), girls: Ellena Skoulding 12.40m (Mann Cup), men: William Blackaby 18.93m (Webb Cup), boys: Calvin Coe 16.66m (Turner Cup).
Skins Competition – Male: David Harrison/William Blackaby. Female: Ella Delves.
Family Race – Champion Family (Ames Cup).
Paired Race Trophy – Roma and Arti Radzunaite, Ellena Skoulding, Shaun Harrison.
Catton Trophy (most improved learner): Shanica Calvert.
Presidents Cup: Tim.
EADT Trophy Top Girl in Club Championships: Ella Delves.
EADT Trophy Top Boy in Club Championships: Robert Borrett.
Paul Prowse Trophy: Chloe Woollard.
Coaches Award Girl Swimmer of the Year: Chloe Long (Dobson Trophy).
Coaches Award Boy Swimmer of the Year: David Harrison (Mitson Trophy).

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