Thursday, March 31, 2011

Football/cycling: Griff gets into gear

The intrepid trio warm-up
for their 58-mile ride
Stowmarket Town FC general manager John Griffin is getting himself into gear for a charity marathon.
Griff, with friends Alan Edge and Lee Morton, will be cycling from London to Southend in aid of the British Heart Foundation.
Griff said on
his Facebook page: “We have decided that at this time of life we should get off our fat a**** and do something.
“As being an official spectator for the Ladies Volleyball world tour does not count, we decided to go on a pleasant bike ride. 58 miles worth of pleasantness to be precise!
“Why would we be so stupid… for charity of course!
“Please would you be kind enough to sponsor us. We want to raise as much as possible, so every penny counts.”
Griff and co can be sponsored on his justgiving webpage but he admitted the cycle ride, due to take place on July 17, was a poor substitute for what he really wanted to do.
“You get to thinking... let’s do something we have always wanted to do.
“After looking at the cost of hiring a Ferrari and driving it to Monaco, spending two weeks in the sun and then yachting back to Southampton, we took up the offer of a bike ride from London to Southend! It will hurt but its much more rewarding… apparently!”

Sponsor Griff by logging on to his justgiving page, here.

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