Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kick boxing: Scorpions win senior and junior trophies

Stowmarket Scorpion Academy kickboxers Lauren Mitchell (junior) and Will Ribbons (senior) returned with a trophy from an interclub show at Swaffham.
They were both named fighter of the day.

Also in action were: Owen Jackson and Harvey Cooke (juniors) and Jo Cobbold, Mel Walmsley, Cheryl Ratcliffe, Sarah Downs, Kieron Holder, Josh Trent, Jim Buxton, Aaron Grunberg, Paul Sadler, Chris Sparkes, James Cooke, Jordan Sweeney and Nathan Prentice (seniors).
Stowmarket Scorpions will be hosting the next interclub competition.
Scorpion Fight Night 14 is being held at The Riverside Club, Stowmarket, on Friday, April 29.
The first fight is at 8pm and doors open at 6.30pm.
Tickets for the BIKMA, WKMA, UFKKA sanctioned event go on sale on Monday, March 21.
They are £12/£15/£20 and available from Mark Trent, 07708 644162.

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