Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sport: Mid Suffolk punches above its weight

When it comes to encouraging participation in sport, Mid Suffolk is punching well above it weight.
In figures released today by Sport England, there has been a steady increase across the country in participation during the last five years with almost seven million people taking part in sport at least three times a week.
And the Mid Suffolk District Council area is at the heart of that increase. Of 356 districts in the country, Mid Suffolk has seen the 18th largest increase, up from 12.7% to 17.6%.
Districts ahead of Mid Suffolk include many larger places,such as Brighton, Cheltenham, Oldham, Tameside (Manchester), Westmister and Wolverhampton.
Suffolk takes three of the top 18 places with St Edmundsbury (up 5.5%) and Mildenhall-based Forest Heath (up 5%) just ahead of Mid Suffolk in the standings.
Overall, the national total has been improved by a strong growth in athletics, which has risen by more than 263,00 in two years, and cycling, which has increased by almost 100,000 over the same period.
Swimming is down 88,000 to 3,156,300, while football has dropped by 54,700 to 2,090,000.
Golf (87,400), tennis (50,000), bowls (31,000), rugby union (36,100), cricket (32,900) and basketball (34,200) have also witnessed significant reductions.
Netball has emerged as one of the success stories with participant numbers up by more than 26,000 - an increase of a fifth in the size of the sport in two years.

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